While modern medicine and healthcare have evolved to enhance and increase the life expectancy of common individuals, there are still lots of woes and hassles involved when somebody seeks these services and medical treatment. Fortunately, new technology and innovative ideas have brought up a whole new segment of virtual and online consultations with doctors and telemedicine. It offers many benefits not known to humanity before. Online doctor consultation prescription may be the easiest and most affordable way of getting treatment for a range of diseases.

·        Convenient and Hassle-Free 

Pregnant women, disabled people, the elderly, and senior citizens are especially troubled by the long waiting lines and the conveyance related hassles they face when seeking medical care. The online telemedicine and virtual consultancy services ensure that advice from Board-certified and licensed physicians, and expert doctors are only a phone call or video chat away. Even the prescriptions are sent to the nearby pharmacies of the patient from where they can get them home-delivered or can pick them up. 

·        Wide Range of Telemedicine Services 

Online doctor consultation and prescription services are not limited to a few instances of health care and treatment. Whether a patient wants to deal with a pandemic such as COVID-19 and symptoms related to it or wants to consult the best pediatric online, the telemedicine service providers have well-classified and a comprehensive approach towards providing treatment through phone calls and video chats. Other treatment courses for diseases related to skin or teeth/dental/oral cavity are also provided in the form of online doctor prescription consultation services of leading dermatologists and online dentists. The majority of the healthcare woes affecting the US population can be now prevented and treated online itself through virtual doctor consultation. 

·        Affordable Plans 

Any citizen or resident of the USA can be a member/customer of telemedicine service providers in the country at quite affordable prices. The cost benefits of virtual and telemedicine services are evident in the form of economic plans of membership. Because online advice and consultation reduce the cost incurred by the healthcare providers (due to reduced needs of infrastructure and facilities among other inputs), the cost of telemedicine service plans can be as low as $ 40 for a month. There is no requirement for insurance coverage, and any number of medical consultations can be obtained at this price. The price gets even cheaper when a person joins long-term plans (say for a year).


Patients can also save on costs spent on fuel, parking, and taxi fares when they avail of virtual treatment. Therefore the new approach to treatment and the online doctor consultation prescription avenue has the most significant cost-benefit for all the stakeholders and parties involved while offering ease and convenience