Common cold and flu are the viral infections and both impact the respiratory system
including your nose, ears, every muscle in the body aches, airways, throat, and lungs along
with tired feelings. This is the reality that generally the flu infection is worse than a cold as it
is very common to get affected by cold once in a year but most of the people get the flu just
only a few times in almost every ten years.
It is also important to know whether it is a cold or flu, as someone has a cold, they can feel
bad for very few days whereas if they have flu then it may impact days to weeks.
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Let’s get aware of the symptoms

Cold symptoms usually include fever -102°F which is uncommon in adults or kids are more
likely to having fever and cold, Runny nose, sore throat, nasal symptoms, cough, sneeze,
tired feeling aches in muscle, heavy headache, watery eyes along with congestion. This
impacts usually for about a week but if a person does not feel improving after 4 to 5 days
then, they may have a bacterial infection and the person have to take precautions and
antibiotics after consulting with a doctor. If you are not comfortable getting out of home
and visit doctors, there have a solution for an online doctor, our service for online doctors in
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This causes because of viral infections. Also, the flu symptoms include illness for more than
a day or likely to weeks. This infection may impact serious health issues like pneumonia and
hospitalizations. This impacts more time than cold symptoms.

Preventions you may go through

As you know both can transmit via viral infection, so you can reduce the risks for cold and
flu –
• Use hanky or cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing
• Always wash your hand frequently with soap or handwash.
• Do clean common surfaces like tables, toys, bathrooms, etc. and also use some anti-
bacterial disinfectants.
• Do exercise & eat healthily. These things also boost the immune system.
• Have green or any herbal tea on a regular basis also may reduce infection chances.
• Stay away from the person who is sick already.
• Avoid sharing any personal things of daily use.

Treatment/ Home remedies for the cold and flu –

Basically, there’s no particular treatment for cold and flu because antibiotics do not work
against the virus which impacts cold and flu. But you can prevent yourself by using some tips
as follows and you will get relief by using some smart moves –

• Take rest as much as you can because when you are sick your body is energy-less, so
stay home and take rest from your work and also just keep all the regular activities
on hold.
• Drink much water, it will prevent the headache and other pain and avoid heavy
• You can also have honey water as it is very effective in relieving coughing and soothe
a sore throat as well adding some lemon will also provide vitamin and extra flavor.
• Take daily garlic into meals or garlic supplements.
• The person can use menthol to warm water for steam inhalation as it helps in
reducing coughing.
• You can use some probiotics as it may help to protect your immune system against
the flu virus. You can purchase probiotics supplements in food stores.
Apart from that if a person is having a higher risk of congestions from the viruses and they
notice that virus symptoms are not improving or maybe having any unusual symptoms then,
they should consult to doctor as they may need some antivirus symptoms. Click Here and
book an appointment with an online doctor.

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