Expert Medical Advice

Talk to a Doctor Online

TelerainMD gives individuals and their family members unlimited email access to chat with a doctor and board certified physicians, psychologists, ophthalmologists, pharmacists, dentists, dietitians, and fitness experts who provide personal answers to all health-related questions, Individuals now have the ability to easily talk to a doctor online and get their questions answered and receive the confidential support they need to effectively execute critical health decisions, avoid unnecessary office visits, save time and money.

Expert Medical Advice

Every patient has a devoted Physician Case Administrator who summons a team of specialist doctors from amidst the foremost practitioners throughout the world. Patient can talk to a doctor online promptly. This team cooperates to settle the correct analysis and the absolute plan for therapy.

Medical Orientation

The Doctor Case Administrator is accessible on-demand to assist the patient and their family experiences the way of treatment, what to anticipate, and what are the possible consequences. A case is supposed to conclude once you will chat with a doctor and resolve all questions.


Once the patient talks to a doctor online and agree on a method, the Doctor representative supports to direct everything about the healthcare system and reducing the anxiety of the patient and their family.


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Sports Medicine

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